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francois-elie roulin / fabrice ravel-chapuis

logo Storytelling LISERE NOIR TRANSP

Every story has its music

an orchestral collection with an imaginative approach

francois-elie roulin / fabrice ravel-chapuis
logo Storytelling LISERE NOIR TRANSP

an orchestral collection with

an imaginative approach

worldwide distribution : bmg production music


The call of the brass goes from the circus fanfare to the smoky cabaret.
It is midnight on the doomsday clock, from ignition to destruction.
From the first date to building a life together.
Mind Control
Embarking on a journey through the mind from introspection to surrender.
Paris Neo-Retro
From Paris to Paris, made in Paris by real Parisians.
Pizz Party Dramedy
Let's spend the evening watching TV. From reality to fiction, pick your favorite components!
From conceptualization to relentless industrialization.
Calm Weather
From calm to gentle, a lovely journey among the elements.
Magical Tales
From enchantment to bewitchment.
My Cute World
From cuteness to coolness.
From the past to the present, a museum walk through time and styles.
investigative journalism
From what to why.
a perfect day
From a beautiful morning to a good night's sleep.
shades of neutral
8 different shades of neutral music.
minimal nature
From early sunrise to sleeping flowers.
a biography
From a gifted child to an impressive funeral.
political communication
From a new vision to the election day.
Minimal Science
From Neutrino to Dark Matter.
Icons of Crime
From a “normal kid” to doing time.
arts of design
The joy of Arts and Crafts from "patience & perseverance" to the dreadful "auction stress".
a christmas tale
From Christmas preparation to a magical night.
welcome on board
French Riviera: From a kitsch & quiet cruise to a hot love affair...
what's next ?
A pandemic diary, from “Never again” to “I want my old life back!”
mission to mars
From space training to Mars mysteries.
nouvelle cuisine
From “the friendly chef” to a gourmet dinner...with a pinch of tension !
so our world ends
From the "beginning of the end" to resilience.
shopping spree
From a shopping spree to “Out of Cash”!
economy : boom & bust
From boom to bust.

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