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storytelling fond blanc centre

tracks telling tales

Like the works of fiction, news, streams or documentaries they illustrate, the collection brings a narrative feel to each subject.

In each album, the tracks are arranged to form an organized narrative, like musical building blocks in a clear, cohesive plot. Rather than simply focusing on a theme, each album traces the evolution of a deeper issue, which may be joyful, tragic or neutral.

tracks telling tales

Each album tells its own story. Each story presents its own development, climax, denouement and conclusion, in keeping with the illustrations.

Users who approach certain subjects in fictional works or documentaries may be more interested in the various musical moods on the same subject, in keeping with their narrative development.

The story is key, each music tells its own, and each story has its music.

albums presentation

Like writing a press article, we choose an angle for each album: a single theme, a catchphrase, and an engaging narrative that grows from a specific to a general statement. Each story starts with specifics, then expands to a broader narrative. 

Graphic design: bold letters fill the album cover like newspaper headlines. The album title is surrounded by tags (key words) on the same theme, like words invading the rest of the album cover.

The recurring phrase “from – to” characterizes the development, beginning and end of each narrative. 

Finally, each track-list illustrates the narrative development. 

a transversal collection 

All of the pieces will be recorded by a modern, medium-sized instrumental ensemble. The recordings will be acoustic, balanced, and accessible, without exaggeration. By maintaining a unity of place (the same studio) and of post-production choices, “storytelling s e r i e s” aims to present a consistent style throughout the collection. 

This unity lets users cross easily between tracks and albums. As each album has a similar narrative framework, users can pick and choose from different albums to create the soundtracks they have in mind. It’s the perfect loyalty tool, encouraging users to choose their content within the same musical sphere. Each piece is part of a tool kit. Users can mix and match these building blocks as they like, from each album to the whole library.


the orchestral ensemble is the common thread throughout the collection • made up of one to twenty musicians, it lends a human dimension to the narration • the settings range from minimalist to spectacular, without exaggeration • the orchestra is an open concept, no instrument is off limits • live musicians • an imaginative approach •

« storytelling series » naturally reflects its two creators’ wish to craft the collection into a cohesive whole.

f r a n c o i s – e l i e   r o u l i n    &    f a b r i c e   r a v e l – c h a p u i s