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every story has its music

françois-élie roulin & fabrice ravel-chapuis

storytelling fond blanc

a new orchestral collection

There’s an infinitely  

human dimension

to this

 orchestral collection.

A musical series with a talent for


The different tracks form a structured narrative, like musical building blocks in a clear, cohesive plot. Rather than simply focusing on a theme, each album traces the development of a deeper joyful or dramatic issue.

Each album tells its own story. Each story presents its own development, climax, denouement and conclusion, like the works of fiction, streams or documentaries they depict.

The collection 

is created with the user

in mind.

storytelling  s e r i e s 

is a complete collection.

Users can mix and match

its building blocks as desired,

from individual albums

to the entire library.​

unity of orchestration throughout the series.

unity of setting:

a modern instrumental ensemble,

an ensemble of one to twenty musicians.

unity of recording, in the same studio.

This continuity 

incites users

to browse the whole collection,

to create the  soundtracks

they have in mind…

and ultimately choosing all their content there.

from  details

to general 


written like newspaper


The album titles are


with carefully chosen tags 

for maximum reach.




a biography

From a gifted child to an impressive funeral.

love my company

From my first day at work to retirement.

love at first sight

From the first date to “growing old together”.